TRAINM: Providing personalised therapy for the disabled

June 17, 2016

About the company

TRAINM is Europe's most innovative neuro-rehabilitation clinic. They deliver measurable recoveries and aim to help people with neurological deficits, even when they have been told no recovery was possible. KOIS invested in TRAINM in 2016, believing in its innovative and comprehensive approach to neuro rehabilitation.

TRAINM's inception year


KOIS investment year


Targets children and adults suffering from neurological and orthopedic disabilities

Active in Belgium

Compassionate care focused on physical, social and mental wellness

Specialists state that up to 1 in 3 Europeans will suffer at least once in their lifetime from a disease affecting the neurological system. This leads to great human suffering and restricts the independence of those suffering from these diseases as a result of disability and the need for care.

TRAINM is an outpatient neuro-rehabilitation clinic for children and adults with a broad range of neurological and orthopaedic disabilities. Therapy is based on neuroplasticity, reducing neurological deficits from injuries to the brain and spinal cord. Patients receive on average 1,000 movements per session, 20 times more than con- ventional physical therapy.

Patients who do not have the financial means to receive outpatient treatment at TRAINM may be eligible to receive assistance from the TRAINM Foundation.

In 2016, KOIS invested in TRAINM because of its potential to offer life-changing therapy to people who otherwise would not have a viable chance of recovery. Initiatives like TRAINM bridge the gap between discoveries made in research laboratories and the patients’ needs.

TRAINM’s impact


robotics sessions in 2020

neuro-modulation sessions in 2020

Note: Last updated April 2020

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