Salud Fácil: Providing low-income patients with low-cost credit to access healthcare services

June 20, 2016

About the company

Salud Fácil not only lends money to low-income patients for their medical expenses, they also find them places in hospitals with extra capacity. Through loans and limited bureaucracy, they put their health knowledge and connections to the service of patients in Mexico. KOIS invested in Salud Fácil in 2016 as a step in its mission to deliver accessible, affordable and quality healthcare for all.

Salud Fácil's inception year


KOIS investment year


Targets low-income patients, doctors, hospitals and clinics

Active in Mexico

Providing low-income patients with affordable quality healthcare

Many people in Mexico suffer from a severe lack of healthcare access. Estimates show that current government-owned healthcare services should be three times larger to address these existing needs. This situation leads to substantial delays, with many people going untreated each year.

Salud Fácil serves as an intermediary between low-income populations, low-cost but qualitative private hospitals and clinics and financial institutions. It offers a credit marketplace providing individuals with low-cost credit to allow them to enter hospitals and clinics with excess capacity.

Salud Fácil has partnered with government-owned institution InFonacot, providing a credit application process to low-income populations, through which they may be eligible for low-cost financing from InFonacot. More recently, Salud Fácil has launched a new healthcare equipment leasing service for doctors, clinics and hospitals, which has been growing rapidly.

KOIS invested in Salud Fácil in 2016 because it addresses people at the bottom of the pyramid’s growing need for affordable yet qualitative healthcare.

Salud Fácil’s impact

patient loans placed since inception (in MXP)

medical equipment loans for healthcare professionals as of Dec. 2020 (in MXP)

credits provided to specialty patients in 2020 (in MXP)

Note: Last updated April 2020

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