We use innovative finance, investment management and impact investing to scale projects with high societal and environmental impact, while offering attractive returns to our investors.

Where we come from

In 2010, after over 20 years of combined experience in the Private Equity and Mergers & Acquisitions domain, François de Borchgrave & Charles-Antoine Janssen founded KOIS with one belief:​

With the right partnerships between the public, private & non-profit sector, they could find investments that were both impactful & profitable.​

KOIS was a pioneer in the impact investment industry when they developed the first Social Impact Bond in continental Europe in 2014, and continued to lead the way by developing in 2017 the first-ever Humanitarian Impact Bond with the ICRC.​

As we go further, we will continue to be pioneers and invent the new financing models to tackle societal & environmental challenges, always keeping our impact-return balance in mind.

A team on a mission

Since our first investment in 2010, we have aimed to create a better world for underserved communities by scaling financial solutions. Through innovative finance and impact investing, we turn projects with high societal & environmental impact into tangible investment propositions for public & private sector clients.

Our beliefs

We know that collaboration between the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors is the best way to scale impact solutions

We believe that a radical transformation towards purposeful investment in the private sector can happen

We trust that a paradigm shift towards more outcome-orientated KPIs in the public and philanthropic sectors is possible

Everyday, we put our beliefs to work

Our team works with governments, foundations, public sector clients and more to achieve measurable impact. Throughout our work, we always keep an eye on our dual objective: delivering positive social & environmental impact, while offering attractive returns for our investors.

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