Supporting a rapid and equitable Covid-19 vaccination: the role of the private sector

The Covid-19 vaccine brings hope of an end to the pandemic, but faces great challenges in its roll-out. Ensuring that everyone gets the vaccine as soon as possible will require monumental efforts from public and private sector actors alike. Here are our thoughts on how the private sector can contribute.

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Supporting Indian primary healthcare networks through innovative finance

As we pen down our thoughts, India continues to navigate uncharted territories as tens of thousands of COVID-19 cases emerge daily. Primary care centres and workers – particularly those in urban areas – have been stretched to maximum capacity to deal with the crisis. A robust primary healthcare system is crucial to tackling health emergencies such as this one. A more potent, resilient, and inclusive healthcare system must emerge from the current crisis. We must take concrete actions to drive this change forward now.

KOIS Newsletter – An Impact Finance milestone

KOIS Newsletter – An Impact Finance milestone

Today is a special day for KOIS.

Today, we take a step further in our mission to enable everyone to create a positive impact through their financial choices.

Today, Inclusio, the Social Housing Fund we started 5 years ago, announced its intention to launch an Initial Public Offering on Euronext Brussels.

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