Kartik tells us about the landscape of impact investment and blended finance in India

October 11, 2021
In this interview at CSR Box, Kartik shares with us his professional journey and his insights on the impact investment landscape in India. Then, he tells us how business, government and the private sector can work together, fostering blended finance initiatives.

Kartik Desai, was invited to a conversation with CSR Box,  a leading CSR knowledge platform in India. Kartik walks us through the professional career that has taken him to the position of partner at KOIS. Then, backed by his 15 years of experience, he delves into the challenges and opportunities for the Impact Investment industry in India.  

To exemplify how blended and innovative finance can be put in practice in India, Kartik presents two concrete examples where KOIS is leveraging the Impact Bond mechanism: 

  • Fostering sustainable bamboo cultivation and women’s livelihoods 
  • Improving outcomes for mental health patients 

Kartik finishes by sharing useful insights on how to improve trust and cooperation between the public and private sectors and providing food for thought about how we can make an impact as individuals. 

Listen to the entire conversation here 

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