GoJob: Offering temporary assignments to temporary workers

March 1, 2016

About the company

GoJob's dream is to offer a job with decent salary and social advantages to all those who wish to work. This, independently from someone's age, gender, race, experience or education. Their platform enables companies to find interim workers fitted to their needs, and removes traditionally discriminating employment processes. KOIS invested in GoJob in 2016, believing in its power to increase employment opportunities and in its experience-based recruitment model.

GoJob's inception year


KOIS investment year


Targets unemployed people and temporary workers

Active in France

Banning CVs to enable experience-based employment

Some people make great employees but are unable to produce an impressive CV. This can lessen their potential to society, their quality of life and their self-esteem.

Alarmed by the high rate of unemployment in France, GoJob was founded in 2015 as an online employment platform to connect motivated employees with companies looking for temporary staff. GoJob focuses on experience-based recruitment.

Companies can assess potential employees based on criteria such as punctuality, capacity to work in a team, and competency in completing desired tasks. This gives people a fair chance at finding work regardless of their CVs.

In 2016, KOIS invested in GoJob, convinced that its innovative model provides a promising answer to the employment crisis in developed countries by leveraging the ever-growing trend in employment flexibility and multiple job holding.

GoJob’s impact

unemployed back to work

were inactive before starting a GoJob mission

of gojobbers are younger than 25 years old and 70% have maximum bachelor’s degree

average number of short-term jobs per worker

Note: Last updated May 2022

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