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March 1, 2013

About the company enables anyone to start a petition for free. Every day, millions of people are able to work directly with decision makers and to enable change on a local, national or even global level. KOIS believes in Change's ability to empower people and initiate change for the better, which is why we invested in in 2013.'s inception year


KOIS investment year


Targets citizens throughout the world

Enabling petition power on a global scale

There was a time when if someone wanted to create a petition, it meant collecting each pen-and-ink signature on pieces of paper before delivering them in a box to decision makers.

Since 2007, has allowed more than 53 million people to sign petitions online. Their platform enables anyone to start a petition for free, on any topic. Decision makers then have the opportunity to react and engage with the issue, allowing those who formulated it to declare victory as soon as a solution is found. is a certified B Corporation and has its social mission written into its by-laws.

KOIS invested in in 2013, believing in its ability to empower citizens in the world with innovative and effective tools to make change happen on a systemic and regulatory level.’s impact in 2019

people participated in more than 12,000 victories

decision makers issued answers on the platform

users taking action and almost 3 billion signatures on the platform since inception

Note: Last updated April 2020

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Multi-country Social Outcomes Contracting to tackle unemployment in Europe

European Union Member States have been confronted with the challenge of unemployment for several decades with relatively similar characteristics. Seeking innovative approaches to tackle this common issue, KOIS has supported the European Investment Advisory Hub (EIAH), in testing the preliminary feasibility of a Pan-European Social Outcomes Contracting (SOC) scheme. In this study, we explore the potential benefits and hurdles of a multi country Social Outcomes Contracting in three pilot countries, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.