BEE: Producing and supplying locally generated sustainable energy

July 17, 2012

About the company

Belgian Eco Energy (BEE) is a Belgian company producing and supplying locally generated renewable energy. They target companies and authorities and offer a custom-made energy solution, aiming to help them both produce and buy energy in a sustainable manner.

BEE's inception year


KOIS investment year


Targets companies & authorities producing or consuming locally produced sustainable energy

Active in Belgium

Producing and selling local and sustainable energy

Our renewable energy capacity must be increased in order to transition to economies that serve present and future generations alike. With energy-intensive industrial and residential sectors in Belgium, results in this direction will only be achieved by changing technical and social norms.

Belgian Eco Energy (BEE) is an integrated energy com- pany, which specialises in the development, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects, as well as the supply of locally generated and sustainable gas and electricity to industrial customers at a very competitive price.

KOIS invested in BEE in 2012, two years after it was created by three founders with extensive experience in the energy sector. BEE has the potential to help Belgium transition towards renewable energy sources, contributing to the country’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reach the climate change target set by the EU.

BEE’s impact

wind projects in pipeline

biomass project signed and under construction in Ghent

Note: Last updated April 2020

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