KOIS Newsletter – We all want a fairer, more sustainable ‘new normal’. How do we pay for it?

May 7, 2020
Today, decisions made will have a decisive impact in shaping a new form of normal. In this may edition of our Newsletter, we want to share with our readers concrete ways in which they can impact this future. In fact, we believe the finance community has a historic opportunity to make a real difference.

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In the past month KOIS has strongly focused on studying how finance could concretely contribute in solving this crisis. We shared several opinions and ideas with our network: from defining investable models in health post-COVID-19, to exploring the role of private capital in resolving this crisis.

Today, we believe the finance community has a historic opportunity to make a real difference.

As we are seeing the gradual lifting of lockdown measures around the world, global actors must make key decisions to help populations rise from this crisis. The fight is far from over and the decisions we make now will affect generations to come. Global decision-makers are building a new normal. We believe innovative finance can ensure it is a fair and sustainable one.

How? We explored specific domains such as healthcare, job accessibility, and accommodation for low-income populations. In these, we highlighted concrete ways in which you, as part of the impact community, can truly help shape the future we creating. Through Impact Finance, investors, donors, global and local organizations, corporations, and more can help define our new normal.

These ideas are summarized for you in our latest opinion piece: “We all want a fairer, more sustainable ‘new normal’. How do we pay for it?”. As you read through, we hope the potential of innovative finance inspires you as it does for us.

We also encourage you to join us in the discussion and reach out with your own ideas! In fact, if the COVID-19 crisis has made one thing clear, it is that we are strongest when working together.

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sustainable new normal

We all want to see a fairer, more sustainable future emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. In this situation, private investors have a historic opportunity to make a real difference. How can we help them achieve the highest possible social and environmental impacts? In this KOIS opinion piece, we bring forward Innovative Finance responses to some of our world’s most pressing challenges.

In other KOIS news…

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menstrual hygiene management

Early 2020, our MHM team went on field visits to Ethiopia and Niger. Their findings will help structure a Development Impact Bond on MHM in these countries.

solar installations for health centers

Solar4Health sets up solar facilities to power health centers. KOIS went to 4 African countries to better grasp the field reality and which innovative finance mechanism could best help scale up their activities in Africa.

covid health investable models

In this article, we explore the potential investable models in a post-COVID-19 healthcare system and highlight six models as well as the role of government.

kois impact report

Since our first investment in 2010, we have focused on creating a measurable societal & environmental impact, as well as delivering attractive returns for our investors. Discover how we managed to serve this dual impact-profit objective in our 2019 Impact Report.

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While India’s government set up a relief package of nearly $23 billion specifically for migrant workers and the urban poor, the conditions keep many from availing these benefits. Could impact finance help?

KOIS Newsletter – Scaling innovative and impactful business models with sustainable financing

While not-for-profit and social organizations play a crucial role in our society, they often struggle in scaling their operations & impact. More than ever, we need to help these impact-driven organisations to attract new and sustainable sources of funding.

In this newsletter, we present our thoughts and finding on how to help scale innovative & impactful business models.

Scaling innovative and impactful models: Case study #1 – Eyecare clinics in the DRC

Scaling innovative and impactful models: Case study #1 – Eyecare clinics in the DRC

Many impact-driven organizations play significant roles in promoting a fairer and more sustainable world. However, they often face considerate struggles in scaling up their operations & impact, and attracting new sources of funding.

Over the years, KOIS has worked with many organizations to help them in their scale-up process. Today, we present a first case study: assisting Light for the World in the scale-up plan of their ophthalmologic centers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.