KOIS Newsletter – We all want a fairer, more sustainable ‘new normal’. How do we pay for it?

May 7, 2020
Today, decisions made will have a decisive impact in shaping a new form of normal. In this may edition of our Newsletter, we want to share with our readers concrete ways in which they can impact this future. In fact, we believe the finance community has a historic opportunity to make a real difference.

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In the past month KOIS has strongly focused on studying how finance could concretely contribute in solving this crisis. We shared several opinions and ideas with our network: from defining investable models in health post-COVID-19, to exploring the role of private capital in resolving this crisis.

Today, we believe the finance community has a historic opportunity to make a real difference.

As we are seeing the gradual lifting of lockdown measures around the world, global actors must make key decisions to help populations rise from this crisis. The fight is far from over and the decisions we make now will affect generations to come. Global decision-makers are building a new normal. We believe innovative finance can ensure it is a fair and sustainable one.

How? We explored specific domains such as healthcare, job accessibility, and accommodation for low-income populations. In these, we highlighted concrete ways in which you, as part of the impact community, can truly help shape the future we creating. Through Impact Finance, investors, donors, global and local organizations, corporations, and more can help define our new normal.

These ideas are summarized for you in our latest opinion piece: “We all want a fairer, more sustainable ‘new normal’. How do we pay for it?”. As you read through, we hope the potential of innovative finance inspires you as it does for us.

We also encourage you to join us in the discussion and reach out with your own ideas! In fact, if the COVID-19 crisis has made one thing clear, it is that we are strongest when working together.

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sustainable new normal

We all want to see a fairer, more sustainable future emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. In this situation, private investors have a historic opportunity to make a real difference. How can we help them achieve the highest possible social and environmental impacts? In this KOIS opinion piece, we bring forward Innovative Finance responses to some of our world’s most pressing challenges.

In other KOIS news…

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menstrual hygiene management

Early 2020, our MHM team went on field visits to Ethiopia and Niger. Their findings will help structure a Development Impact Bond on MHM in these countries.

solar installations for health centers

Solar4Health sets up solar facilities to power health centers. KOIS went to 4 African countries to better grasp the field reality and which innovative finance mechanism could best help scale up their activities in Africa.

covid health investable models

In this article, we explore the potential investable models in a post-COVID-19 healthcare system and highlight six models as well as the role of government.

kois impact report

Since our first investment in 2010, we have focused on creating a measurable societal & environmental impact, as well as delivering attractive returns for our investors. Discover how we managed to serve this dual impact-profit objective in our 2019 Impact Report.

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India needs impact finance to scale innovative mental healthcare models

The prevalence of mental health disorders is increasing steadily in India, yet expenditure does not seem to follow. The low proportionate funding is exacerbated thereafter by the underutilisation of funds and several systemic issues along the patient journey. However, impact finance could play an important role in scaling up mental healthcare models.

What will happen when we are too old to take care of our disabled son?

At KOIS, the notion of impact runs deeper than business. Today, we share with you the words of our Founder, François de Borchgrave, as he tells us the story of his son, Igor.

Igor is 7 and a half years old and suffers from a disability that makes him dependent on his family. While he is taken care of today, his family, like many others in Belgium, wonder what will happen when they are no longer there to help him. It is crucial to develop new living spaces for disabled adults in Belgium, which is the drive behind our Founder’s personal project: Tous Ensemble Handicap.

The 2nd largest French Bank launches a Social & Environmental Impact loan

Putting impact at the heart of financial strategy is a growing trend. From international commitments such as the Business for Inclusive Growth initiative from the OCDE, to more concrete cases as the one we present in this article. At KOIS, we are happy to see these becoming a real part of how finance is done on a global scale. The latest example to date? A Social and Environmental Impact loan from the 2nd largest French Bank. This new offer aims to valorise the social or environmental engagement of its clients in the real estate and social housing sector.