Discover our 2019 Impact Report

April 9, 2020
In 2020, we came out with the second edition of our impact report. Since our first investment in 2010, we have focused on creating a positive measurable societal & environmental impact, as well as delivering attractive returns for our investors. Discover how we managed to serve this dual impact-profit objective in our 2019 Impact Report.

Dear Friends,

Today, we are happy to share with you the second edition of our Impact Report.

Since 2010, we’ve financed projects ranging from setting up physical rehabilitation facilities to helping long-term unemployed people find jobs. We’ve invested in many companies, some shaping the future of health, others providing jobs to fragile populations or transforming polluted sites into sustainable housing. You will discover all of this and more in our report.

Looking to the next decade, we will strive to remain an innovator in the impact finance world. We aim to keep bringing innovative financing solutions to help solve our world’s greatest challenges. Moreover, we will continue to invest in companies serving the dual objective of return and impact. 

In 2020 specifically, we will launch a Development Impact Bond to support refugees and host communities in Jordan and Lebanon. We will structure a financial instrument to improve menstrual hygiene management in Africa and an additional one in India. Moreover, we are exploring how to leverage blended finance and impact investing to scale up investments in renewable energy and how to expand funding of prevention-based healthcare.  We are also looking forward to the first close of Healthquad II, our second Indian healthcare access fund. Finally, thanks to our expertise in healthcare, we will design and invest in solutions helping fight and recover from the COVID-19 outbreak. 

So stay tuned !

We look forward to hearing your feedback, ideas and questions to continue to push us forward.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Kind regards,


Serena, Charles-Antoine and François

KOIS partners

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