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November 16, 2020
Today is a special day for KOIS. Today, we take a step further in our mission to enable everyone to create a positive impact through their financial choices. Today, Inclusio, the Social Housing Fund we started 5 years ago, announced its intention to launch an Initial Public Offering on Euronext Brussels.
Dear friends,


Today is a special day for us. KOIS was founded on the idea that impact finance could positively impact our planet & society, change the way we see and do finance, and enable everyone to create a positive impact through their financial choices.

With this purpose, we’ve launched several funds, investments and projects over the years. But today, we take an important step. Today, we start on the road toward enabling truly everyone to access the power of Impact Finance.

Today, Inclusio, the Social Housing Fund we started 5 years ago, announced its intention to launch an Initial Public Offering on Euronext Brussels.

For those who have followed us for a while, you will know that we launched Inclusio 5 years ago in collaboration with the Degroof-Petercam Bank, and Real Estate Developer Revive. Since then, Inclusio has acquired 898 social housing units, across 49 real estate projects (incl. 7 in development). Furthermore, the average gross rental yield on the real estate portfolio currently in operation amounts to 4.2%.

It’s all those achievements that make us ready to launch our first impact finance product on the stock market. The IPO of Inclusio will mean several things:

  • Allowing every person, regardless of their wealth or of their ticket size to invest, buy and sell Inclusio shares, and thus actively take part in an impact finance product, as the pricing of the shares will make it affordable for everyone.
  • Providing investors with more flexibility to move in or out of their investment
  • Allowing shareholders to sell their shares without jeopardizing the social impact of Inclusio. Through the IPO, liquidity will no longer be provided by selling assets that would then risk being taken out of the social market.
  • Providing Inclusio with additional means, thus raising the number of social housing Inclusio can offer, and the fund’s general impact.

“It’s great to see an idea that we had several years ago and that we developed from paper to reality, reach such an important milestone. When we started Inclusio with Bank Degroof-Petercam and Revive, KOIS was proud to be a pioneer in impact funds, and hopeful for its future. Seeing today how far the Inclusio team has come, its impact and the potential this IPO has to raise it, renews our drive once more.”

    Francois de Borchgrave, Co-founder & Managing Partner, KOIS

We want to congratulate the Inclusio team for this momentous next step and hope this impact finance achievement inspires all of you as much as it does us.

For the KOIS team,

François de Borchgrave, Charles-Antoine Janssen, Serena Guarnaschelli,
KOIS partners

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