Inclusio redevelops an office building in Woluwe and creates 79 affordable rental apartments

September 30, 2020
Brussels, September 30, 2020 : The redevelopment of Antares, a former office building in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, officially started today. Inclusio will convert the building in a circular fashion into 79 affordable housing units, ranging from studios to four-bedroom apartments.

“Urgency drives us to throw away, while the long-term vision inspires us to reuse and recycle. Inclusio attaches great importance to circularity. Contrary to the current consumption model based on quick profits, we want to create long-term value by taking into account both the precious resources of our planet and the social integration of our projects.”

Xavier Mertens, CEO, Inclusio

The building

Antares was built in 1991 and has been used as an office building since then. It will be redeveloped in a circular fashion by Inclusio, in collaboration with the architectural firm DDS+. The building, with a gross floor area of 8,115 m², will offer 79 affordable housing units and common space, including :

  • 18 studios,
  • 18 apartments with 1 bedroom,
  • 31 apartments with 2 bedrooms,
  • 11 apartments with 3 bedrooms, and
  • 1 apartment with 4 bedrooms

“The Collège is pleased with the collaboration between the private sector and the Social Real Estate Agency of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert which, through the conversion of office buildings, allows for the creation of 79 affordable housing units. The renovation of the building is in keeping with the principles of circular economy and sustainable development, which are dear to us, and also helps to revitalize the neighbourhood. We hope that this initiative will be a source of inspiration for other office to housing conversions.

Olivier Maingain, mayor of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert 

A circular project, winner of Be Circular 2019

Circularity is one of the values of Inclusio. Therefore, the load-bearing structure of the building will be preserved, as well as the majority of the facades. A large part of the carefully dismantled interior equipment will be reused. Other elements will be resold.

The new durable interior finish will also be easy to dismantle. The choice of materials has been determined according to their longevity and ease of maintenance. Special attention has also been paid to the accessibility of techniques, so that it is easy to intervene in case of problems.

The underground parking lot will be preserved and refurbished. It will be able to accommodate 131 cars and 139 bicycles.

Green spaces: a collective vegetable garden is planned for the common area.


The tenant

The Social Real Estate Agency of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert pursues a double objective:

  • To guarantee the owners who entrust the management of their housing to it the payment of their rents and to relieve them of the daily management of their property.
  • To meet the rental needs of a clientele that meets certain income conditions. Tenants also benefit from regular and personalized social follow-up.

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