Emoha: empowering elders to enjoy their lives to the fullest

November 18, 2020
logo of emoha, an investee of KOIS

About the company

For Elders & their families Emoha is a "connected" community that brings together world class expertise to deliver single-click access to a range of health & emergency, social & engagement, & conveniences at home. This way, they can enjoy life to the fullest because at Emoha, it's about elders first.

Emoha's inception year


KOIS investment year


Serves elders living alone at home or away from their children

Active in India

Creating the world’s most comprehensive digital community of elders

India is home to over 80 million elders, a demographic projected to represent 20% of India’s population by 2050.

Yet, elder care in India is still an under-discovered area. The market for elder care remains relatively small.

Emoha builds communities around elders. They are not an assisted living facility, but rather a way to enhance the bond between a parent and child while enabling the latter to make sure their relatives are cared for. The aim of Emoha is simple: empowering the growing community of elders to live comfortably at home, as long as possible, with the support they need.

Emoha uses advanced tech, through an app, to connect elders together and to services, they may need. From doctors to activities, to housekeepers, and more. Their app is designed for elders and for those who love them.

This rather new venture, founded in 2019, offers a great step towards answering an aging population’s needs. They do so with care and by using current technology means. Moreover, Emoha allows children and relatives of elders to make sure their family lives their life to the fullest. It is this purpose that drove KOIS to invest in Emoha in 2020.

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