We select our colleagues to represent our values: integrity, honesty and transparency. They strive daily to increase our impact from our 4 locations: Brussels, London, Mumbai & Paris.

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François de Borchgrave

Founder & Managing partner, Brussels

Charles-Antoine Janssen

Founder & Managing partner, Mumbai

Serena Guarnaschelli

Partner, London

Parag Vaidya

Chief Financial Officer, Mumbai


Béatrice Delperdange

Head of Business Development, Brussels

Ann Lanens

Office Manager, Brussels

Krishna Gouda

Office Manager, Mumbai

Marie-Elodie Bazy

Principal, Paris

Colin Godbarge

Principal, Paris

Prabu Thiruppathy

Principal, Mumbai

Benhan Limketkai

Principal, London

Aadit Devanand

Manager, Mumbai

Ladislas de Guerre

Manager, Paris

Juliette Averseng

Senior Associate, Brussels

Jeanne Cassiers

External Communications Manager, Brussels

Roman Kovac

Associate, Brussels

Pauline Vandeputte

Associate, Brussels

Pallavi Chadha

Associate, Mumbai

Johana Svobodova

Associate, Brussels

Abhishek Kapoor

Senior Analyst, Mumbai

Sunny Dargan

Senior Analyst, Mumbai

Shaily Tibrewala

Senior Analyst, Mumbai

Axelle Charlier

Analyst, Brussels

Hanna Leykun

Junior Analyst, Brussels

Salma Badr

Junior Analyst, Brussels

Justine Lecailler

Junior Analyst, Paris

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On top of working on projects impacting communities around the world,
our team regularly writes on upcoming financial innovations, key societal issues and more. Have a look!

Providing housing to those who fought for us

COVID-19 shed light the struggle many essential workers face to find affordable housing. With social and affordable housing funds, we want to increase the supply of quality housing accessible to such populations.

Inclusio, the first Belgian affordable housing fund, is an example of how private capital can truly have a positive impact in this domain, while generating attractive returns.

KOIS Newsletter – Providing housing to those who fought for us

As we slowly recover from the crisis, we cannot forget about those who fought for us: frontline workers. In this June edition of our newsletter, we want to address an issue brought forward through the crisis: that of lack of affordable housing, on which many essential workers depend. One solution already exists to increase the supply: affordable & social housing funds.

L’Echo: Inclusio, social investment at the bedside of low-income workers

The crisis will have reinforced the mission of the affordable real estate company, Inclusio. Created in 2015, its maturity is reaching a threshold with 1,250 housing units soon to be reached. Units that will be offered for rent to the most disadvantaged. L’Echo highlighted Inclusio’s work in this article.