We select our colleagues to represent our values: integrity, honesty and transparency. They strive daily to increase our impact from our 4 locations: Brussels, London, Mumbai & Paris.

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François de Borchgrave

Founder & Managing partner, Brussels

Charles-Antoine Janssen

Founder & Managing partner, Mumbai

Serena Guarnaschelli

Partner, London

Parag Vaidya

Chief Financial Officer, Mumbai

Béatrice Delperdange

Head of Business Development, Brussels

Ann Lanens

Office Manager, Brussels

Krishna Gouda

Office Manager, Mumbai

Marie-Elodie Bazy

Principal, Paris

Colin Godbarge

Principal, Paris

Prabu Thiruppathy

Principal, Mumbai

Benhan Limketkai

Principal, London

Aadit Devanand

Manager, Mumbai

Ladislas de Guerre

Manager, Paris

Juliette Averseng

Senior Associate, Brussels

Jeanne Cassiers

External Communications Manager, Brussels

Roman Kovac

Associate, Brussels

Pauline Vandeputte

Associate, Brussels

Pallavi Chadha

Associate, Mumbai

Johana Svobodova

Associate, Brussels

Abhishek Kapoor

Senior Analyst, Mumbai

Shaily Tibrewala
Senior Analyst, Mumbai

Axelle Charlier

Analyst, Brussels

Justine Lecallier

Junior Analyst, Paris

Salma Badr

Junior Analyst, Brussels

Clara Marköö

Junior Analyst, Brussels

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On top of working on projects impacting communities around the world,
our team regularly writes on upcoming financial innovations, key societal issues and more. Have a look!

Environmental impact investing: balancing the green energy equation

While advocating for renewable energies, we must face a simple fact: no energy production is exempt of negative externalities. Renewable energies, however, remain an important and needed step forward in powering a more sustainable society. So how can we invest for impact and minimize negative externalities in the field of energy? We share our first ideas in this opinion piece.

KOIS Newsletter – Scaling innovative and impactful business models with sustainable financing

While not-for-profit and social organizations play a crucial role in our society, they often struggle in scaling their operations & impact. More than ever, we need to help these impact-driven organisations to attract new and sustainable sources of funding.

In this newsletter, we present our thoughts and finding on how to help scale innovative & impactful business models.