Le Soir: 5 years of financing for coding school BeCode

June 26, 2020
In June 2020, KOIS and Actiris launched their third impact bond together focused on employment. This time, the impact bond will support BeCode, an innovative coding school. In honour of the launch, Le Soir, a Belgian news outlet, interviewed the impact bond parties for this article.

This is an excerpt translated from the original article of Le Soir. 

450 additional Brussels jobseekers will be able to join the school which trains in computer coding thanks to an innovative financial product. 

BeCode graduating class

Everyone is masked, as they must under these circumstances. But, for lack of visible smiles, the enthusiasm is palpable at BeCode, a non-profit organization that offers atypical and qualifying training in computer code (but also in artificial intelligence, cyber security…) and has been proving its worth since 2017 on the BeCentral digital campus, located in the heart of the capital. After weeks of confined journalism, it is hard to hide the pleasure of listening to Eugénie, Lap Hoang and Phuong-Dat, three young people in their thirties who two weeks ago joined one of the school’s two new promos.


Header photo taken from the original article on Le Soir’s website.


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