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July 30, 2020
While not-for-profit and social organizations play a crucial role in our society, they often struggle in scaling their operations & impact. More than ever, we need to help these impact-driven organisations to attract new and sustainable sources of funding. In this newsletter, we present our thoughts and finding on how to help scale innovative & impactful business models.

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More than ever, we need to help impact-driven organisations scale their impact and to do so, enable them to attract new and sustainable sources of funding. 

We, at KOIS, strongly believe that not-for-profits and social enterprises have a great role to play in solving the world’s biggest issues. However, big issues require even greater-scale solutions. To achieve scale, social entrepreneurs need to acquire new skills and transform their organisation. Moreover, increasing their operational performance and self-sustainability is key to secure higher amounts and new forms of funding. Indeed, the scarcity of philanthropic and grant resources, especially in these times, can make them less sustainable at scale.

At KOIS, we help such organisations prepare themselves for scale-up and, ultimately, attract more sustainable sources of funding. Together, we research and find ways to refine their processes and operations, professionalize their management, increase their cost-efficiency, generate economies of scale and more… without compromising their social mission. Eventually, this leads to more actionable scale-up plans and realistic funding strategies.  

Today, as the work of these organisations becomes increasingly critical, we wish to share our most recent case study on the matter: helping Light for the World, an international NGO focusing on eyecare for low income patients in Africa in their scale-up. We worked with LFTW to identify ways of improving the operational performance and financial self-sustainability of their ophthalmologic centres in the DRC:

We hope these thoughts inspire you, as these organisations inspire our work. If they do, we invite you to share these words with organizations that seek to increase the breadth of their impact or transition to more sustainable sources of funding!

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François de Borchgrave, Charles-Antoine Janssen, Serena Guarnaschelli,
KOIS partners

scaling impactful eyecare clinics in the DRC case study  Many impact-driven organizations play significant roles in promoting a fairer and more sustainable world. However, they often face considerate struggles in scaling up their operations & impact, and attracting new sources of funding. Over the years, KOIS has worked with many organizations to help them in their scale-up process. Today, we present a first case study: assisting Light for the World in the scale-up plan of their ophthalmologic centers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In other KOIS news…

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HealthQuad II first close: disrupting health systems in India

Today, 3.8 billion people do not have access to quality healthcare. Some venture and private equity funds such as HealthQuad want to bridge the gap where public healthcare investments fail, and the Covid-19 crisis is a painful proof of this urgent need.

Joint Impact Investors call for action

The lockdowns have lead to a loss of income in the informal sector, being the primary source of income in developing countries. We must take action now. In this context, Belgian impact investors call upon all dedicated actors, public or private, to connect with us, to mobilize resources and to join us in our response.

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    India needs impact finance to scale innovative mental healthcare models

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