L’Echo: KOIS raises $68 millions for Indian Healthcare

July 14, 2020
The Belgian impact investing company has just completed an important fund raising in which AvH participated. What is the objective? To boost innovative solutions in Indian health technology.

This is an excerpt translated from the original article of L’Echo.

The social impact investment company KOIS, founded by François de Borchgrave and Charles-Antoine Janssen, has just raised some 68 million dollars, as it was announced on Monday. That is 93% of the target for this new investment fund called HealthQuad, which is aimed at innovative Indian companies in the world of healthcare. The closing, scheduled for January 2021, could enable between 130 and 140 million dollars to be raised.

Amongst the investors, we come across the Belgian holding company AvH – which alone injects 15 million -, the TIAA pension fund – which insures more than three million teachers on the other side of the Atlantic – as well as the financial arm of the Swedish government in developing countries, Swedfund (the equivalent of Bio in our country) and the American pharmaceutical giant Merck (MSD).

Header photo taken from the original article on L’Echo’s website.

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